1) You are trying to drag me .... a controversy.

 (a) in            (b) into             (c) from        (d) for

2)  I complimented him .... his brilliant success in the examination.

(a) over        (b)for               (c) to             (d) on

3) He was heartbroken ..... Sita’s indifference to him.

(a) at             (b)on                (c) over         (d) upon

4) Translate this passage from English ...... Telugu.

(a) in             (b) into             (c) to             (d) up to

5) This accommodation is not adequate ..... the needs of our country.

(a) up to       (b) on               (c) to             (d) for

6) I challenged him ..... a game of chess.

(a) for           (b) to                (c) against    (d) about

7) I saw my friend leaning ..... a lamp-post with a cigarette between his lips.

(a) over        (b) upon          (c) against    (d) on

8) The college term will end .... a month.

(a) in             (b) with            (c) after        (d) about

9) They wanted advice ..... how they could procure funds for their new business.

(a) about      (b) to                (c) for           (d) an

10)  There is already opposition .... the government’s industrial policy.

(a) for           (b) from           (c) to             (d) towards

11) In an election, those in power should feel obliged to compete ..... their opponents on equals terms.

(a) with         (b) towards     (c) against    (d) on

12) The work on this project has been seriously set .......

(a) on            (b) off              (c) of             (d) about

13) A girl with blue eyes has just gone ... the door.

(a) off           (b) in                (c) beside     (d) through

14) His genius borders .... lunacy.

(a) to                                       (b)up to        (c) on               (d) about

15) Conversation was carried on .... whispers.

(a) on            (b) by               (c) away       (d) in

16) Order ...... his release has been issued.

(a) of                                      (b) for           (c) about         (d) on

17) The minister will be requested to give ..... the prizes to the winners

(a) away      (b)in                 (c) off           (d) no preposition needed

18) She Said that she was feeling sick ..... heart.

(a) of                                      (b) in             (c) at                (d) to

19) Nepal lies ....... India and China.

(a) among    (b) beyond      (c) between  (d) below

20)    I shall stand by you .... thick and thin.

(a) in             (b) into             (c) about      (d) through

21)  The minister has promised to look ..... the matter.

(a) at                                       (b) into         (c) for               (d) about

22) Poor and Mr. Singh, he has suffered .... rheumatism for twenty years.

(a) with         (b) of                (c) from        (d) no preposition needed

23) The frustrated lover jumped ...... the river.

          (a) in   (b) within         (c) at             (d) into

24) I can write a book ..... grammar.

(a) on            (b) of                (c) about      (d) in

25) I can speak ..... authority on Gandhi ji.

(a) with         (b) on               (c) upon       (d) at

26) There are certain rare qualities which raise a man..... the common breed of men.

(a) over        (b) on               (c) above     (d) upon

27) The amazing thing about Gandhi ji was that he adhered ....... his ideals and to his conception of truth.

(a) on            (b) against       (c) for           (d) to

28) A miser cannot part .....his gold.

(a) from       (b) to                (c) of             (d) with

29) Five hundred rupees are allotted for the purchase of books .... Physics.

(a) of                                      (b) about      (c) in                 (d) on

30) I went on holidays ..... a friend.

(a) by            (b) for              (c) with         (d) no preposition needed.

31) Mohan may be slow ... his work, but he is very quick is very quick in uptake.

(a) at                                       (b) for           (c) about         (d) to

32) I would willingly part.... my goat.

(a) from       (b) with            (c) of             (d) no preposition needed.

33) The young boy was enchanted ... the beauty of the girl.

(a) at                                       (b) by            (c) with            (d) in

34) Be content ..... what you have.

(a) with         (b) by               (c) of             (d) in

35) Monica got divorce .... her husband.

(a) from       (b) of                (c) to             (d) at

36) When this young person called .... me, she was all dressed up.

(a) at                                       (b) off           (c) on               (d) up

37)    The Hindustan Times aspires to have a million readers ... the next year.

(a) by            (b) till               (c) until         (d) through

38)    ...... uranium, we can use another metal, thorium, to produce nuclear power.

(a) besides   (b) beside        (c) against   (d) of


39) The prisoner was bound ... a chain.

(a) with         (b) by               (c) from        (d) on

40) He was honourably acquitted ..... the charge.

(a) from       (b) of                (c) off           (d) for

41) Monkeys live ..... trees.

(a) on            (b) upon          (c) in             (d) into

42) This Godown is infested ..... rats.

(a) of                                      (b) about      (c) with            (d) in

43) He abandoned his comrade ..... the wolves.

(a) to                                       (b) with         (c) for               (d) towards

44) Bangs alternated ..... crashes.

(a) in (b) with                        (c) from        (d) no preposition needed.

45) The writer accuses the national government .....................resorting to violence.

(a) of                                      (b) for           (c) with            (d) on

46) Why should the rich look down ... the poor?

(a) at                                       (b) on            (c) over            (d) upon

47) Our examination commences .... Monday next.

(a) from       (b) on               (c) at             (d) no preposition needed.

48) Bacon, the father of English Essay, had a thirst .... knowledge.

(a) of                                      (b) in             (c) with            (d) for

49) I beg to differ .... you on the subject.

(a) at             (b) with            (c) to             (d) for

50) The minister dwelt .... the subject of political development at length.

(a) over        (b) at                (c) with         (d) on

51) He ordered .... the dinner when he had finished his work.

(a) about      (b) for              (c) of             (d) no preposition needed.

52) The boy resembles ... his father.

(a) with         (b) to                (c) in             (d) no preposition needed.

53) The cat is hiding from us ...the table.

(a) below      (b) beneath     (c) at             (d) under


1) b           2) d             3) c             4) b               5) c             6) b    

7) c           8) a             9) d             10) c             11) a           12) b  

13) d         14) c           15) d           16) b             17) a           18)c   

19) c         20) d           21) b           22) c             23) d           24) a  

25) a         26) c           27) d           28) d             29) d           30) c  

31) a         32) b           33) c           34) a             35) a           36) c  

37) a         38) a           39) a           40) b             41) a           42) c  

43) a         44) b           45) a           46) d             47) b           48) d  

49) b         50) d           51) d           52) d             53) d