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“BILL INFORMATION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”(BIMS) is a financial tool, and it is an e-billing system which was launched to properly maintain and functioning the treasury, preparing bills of their employee, and not only this they are controlled owned and managed by the Drawing and Disturbing officer to keep a close view on employees monthly payments, employee accounts, various bills and many more activities with same preferences.

BIMS was also useful in preparing to record, analyzing, and maintaining all financial records with transactions up to date. BIMS is for those who are engaged in buying and selling products and services and having their own well-set business. To be a part of the BIMS portal, what you have to do is register first in the BIMS Kerala login, and then you are eligible to enjoy various services provides by BIMS.

BIMS key things which are as below

  • Status of bills and bill book
  • No paperwork in the allotment process
  • Online submission of TR59E
  • Helps in generating contingent bills
  • DDOs are the ones who will pass the decision for the approval of TR59E
  • Absence of POC in the contingent bill
  • Help in claim settlements by DDOs
  • Reports of expenditure for DDOs
  • Includes reports of expenditure

DDOs are the ones who can log in to BIMS. BIMS provides various login options or can be said various alternate, which is vital to make efficient use of a billing management system.  

Link for visiting BIMS portal –

Software to be for BIMS login portal:

  • Linux Designer
  • Joe window (32 bit/64 bit)
  • Designer for window

You need to do this before you login to Bill Information and Management System(BIMS); there are few things you need to do for proper usage of the portal, which is as follows:-

  • What you have to do is open the allotment tab and then check the allotment received.
  • Check the amount you spend and your balance.
  • Go to the menu of the bill, which includes bill entry, bill status, bill submit, and bill edit.
  • For preparing the bill, you need to enter various information of bill in bill menus such as its type, its nature, and head of an account.
  • Add various details in your bill like deduction, beneficiary, and claim details.
  • After doing such, you will save that.
  • After the bill approval, you will see the bill that bill now can be viewed, can be rejected or can be approved in pdf format.
  • Bill, which is approved under BIIMS, can be printed and submitted under the billing menu.
  • Thus after that beneficiary from the list at bill entry time which can be easily done by adding some details of the beneficiary.

BIMS portal login can be done by:-

  • Visiting the link has shown above
  • After visiting the homepage of BIMS there, you will see information about BIMS and,
  • On, right side, there will be a login option you have to go there
  • After that, enter your ten digits DDOs code [Drawing and Disbursing Officers] and password of your login id created by you
  • You have to add 8-10 digits DDOs code +@123 for your password or confidential
  • Then you have to select the role for DDO in the given option
  • Lastly, you have a login option as a final step for the BIMS login

After entering to BIMS login page, you will get your login id and the time on the left side of the page, when you login into BIMS there will be 8 option on your left-hand side under your login id which is home, profile, masters, allotment, surrender, report, bill, and logout option.

BIMS portal usage:-

  • Helps in making payment on deposits
  • preparing contingent bills via BIMS
  • Settlement of bills through BIMS
  • BIMS is also used for scholarship

If in case a person forgets the login password of BIMS, as it is not possible to remember everything so he/she can reset the password as there will be an option to set a new one just below the login block, but for that, a person needs to submit his/her request to the sub-treasury officers.

BIMS provides an alternate option if you are facing any issue regarding the BIMS login portal; feel free to contact any of the given options either by sending them mail about your problem or directly contacting them.

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BIMS DSC Registration or Renewal online:-

  • Visit BIMS official website
  • Click on DSC; there will be an option of registration or renewal
  • Choose any of the above
  • Next, there will be a new pop up window on your screen
  • Enter your DDO code and your pin
  • then, press the “NEXT” button which will be displayed on your screen to complete the process.

Areas of BIMS[Bill Information and Management System]

  • Bill preparation
  • Scholarships
  • Advance settlement of bills
  • Payment on deposit

BIMS [Bill Information and Management System] also provides a facility for opening TDS account. Once you successfully enter the BIMS portal, what you have to do is you can enter their TSB or PSTB or STSB account in their BIMS portal. you have to go to their website login page and check your account number for:

  • First, open the BIMS portal
  • Go to menu and then login BIMS id of yours
  • Then click on the option of TSB
  • step to entry option in TSB menu
  • Then choose your TSB account type
  • Fill your account number in the given block
  • Enter the name of the account holder, account type, and status
  • Lastly, submit your TSB account to your BIMS portal

Wrapping up

Overall speaking, the BIMS portal is a good option for the high-end business or for those who are well settled and have a large setup, as it helps in maintaining bills efficiently with ease. In case you have query or confusion regarding any process or anything, you can get help from the official sources. You can contact customer support service when you want, and get the confusion cleared quickly. In this content, you can get procedures about several aspects.

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