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IFHRMS stands for the integrated financial and human resources management system. It is designed and handled by the Treasuries & Accounts departments along with the Finance department of Tamil Nadu. The focal point of IFHRMS is to support users in managing their finances with respect to the activities quickly and conveniently. The Tamil Nadu government employees use IFHRMS as they have to access it to prepare bills, monthly payslips and more.  

The integrated financial and human resource management system also includes the following processes:

  • User ID creation
  • User ID activation
  • Regular Salary Bill Complete Process
  • Add and Update of Dues or Deduction
  • Salary Bill Generation
  • Annual Increment
  • Loss of Pay Bill Procedure
  • Partial Pay
  • DDO Template E-SR Updation
  • ECS status of the non-salary item
  • ECS status of salary item
  • Salary arrear bill preparation
  • Settlement Date
  • Ticket Creation
  • Issue Registration
  • Festival Advance Bill and more

The processes above are managed in the IFHRMS that Tamil Nadu employees have to use in order to complete the finance-related activities with ease. However, several errors users are facing related to login or others. If you are one of them and end up meeting any of the hassles, then you don’t have to be troubled anymore. Scroll down to check out the solution related to the IFHRMS login error.

IFHRMS Departments

Here is the list of departments that users will need to access using the IFHRMS account. Those are:

  • Chief Auditor of Statutory Boards
  • Co-operative Audit
  • Government Data Center
  • Pension
  • Small savings
  • Treasuries and 
  • Accounts
  • Local fund audit

Steps to log in to the IFHRMS Account

To begin with, integrated financial and human resource management system login allows users to access the complete service. Besides that, here are the complete steps that potential employees must log in to IFHRMS in the flick of seconds.

  • First of all, go to your internet browser.
  • Search for the IFHRMS official website.
  • On the site, locate the Login option and tap on it.
  • Enter your IFHRMS User ID and Password.
  • Now, fill in the Captcha in the available field.
  • At last, please press on the Sign-in option and wait until it verifies your login credentials.
  • Hurray, you have successfully logged into your IFHRMS account.

Method to Resolve IFHRMS Login Error

In case you are conflicting errors while logging into your IFHRMS account. There is no need to be troubled as potential users can easily overcome such hassle in the flick of seconds. All you need to do is follow the listed steps and resolve the login error systematically.

  • Visit the IFHRMS official website and try to log in to your ID.
  • If an error message appears, take a screenshot with your computer or Mobile.
  • Make sure to save the screenshot to use in the final step.
  • Now, go back to the Login page.
  • Use an alternative IFHRMS account and fill in the login credentials.
  • After signing in successfully, tap on the Issue registration option.
  • When an issue registration window appears, provide your information such as Employee email id, select a district, and register a mobile number.
  • In the type of issue- Select Login issue PROD section.
  • After that, click on the submodule button Bills processing.
  • Now, provide the full detail of the problem in the Summary & Description option.
  • In the end, click on attach the issue screenshot.
  • Provide the Error screenshot in the field as you clicked earlier steps.
  • Press on the Submit option.
  • Wait for a while until the system created a BUG ID.
  • Note down the BUG ID and call 04440172172.
  • Give detail to the person to resolve the problem immediately.

Essential Points to Download Pay Slip from IFHRMS Portal

The following steps are helpful to download the payslip using the IFHRMS account from the portal. In case you don’t have any information with respect to the payslip, then make sure to follow it properly.

  • Open your internet browser.
  • Tap on the Search bar and visit the IFHRMS portal.
  • Click on the Login section.
  • Fill in the Sign-in credentials such as user name and password.
  • After that, provide the Captcha in the empty field.
  • Press on the Submit button and continue.
  • After successfully logging into your account, go to the Finance section.
  • Click to open the ebsprd.karuvoolam.tn.gov.in.
  • On the following page, tap on the Payroll button.
  • Scroll down to reach the Result option.
  • On the IFHRMS dashboard, go to the Payroll result page.
  • Choose the Period Name option available on the screen.
  • Click on the regular salary in the bill type.
  • Look for the pay bill group.
  • Move on to the payslip button.
  • Press on the document link.
  • At last, download the IFHRMS bill payslip accordingly.

IFHRMS Payslip Information

Many users desire to learn about information available in the integrated finance and human resources management system. If you are keen to know what type of information the payslip holds, then the following details can ease.

  • CPS Number
  • Employee Name
  • GPF number
  • Office Name
  • Post
  • Employee Number
  • Duty Pay detail
  • Dearness Allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Medical Allowance
  • Gross amount
  • Net pay credited

The details described above will be available on the month IFHRMS payslip. So, one can conveniently see such information without making too much effort.

So, what’s the final saying?

Integrated finance and human resources management system (IFHRMS) is generally a system run by the Tamil Nadu government to manage several departments. In case you are an employee of the Tamil Nadu government, you have to create an account on IFHRMS to access several options to manage activities. The main job of the IFHRMS account is to generate a bill, payslip and more using the IFHRMS account quite easily.

But it is a fact that several users find it hard to access their IFHRMS account due to numerous technical reasons like User ID error, payslip generation error or more. However, you don’t have to worry, as the details above will help to overcome such hurdles in the flick of seconds. All you need to do is follow the methods mentioned earlier and walk on the uncharted path by completing your task with ease. Besides that, potential users can also reach out helpdesk of IFHRMS to resolve their issues efficiently.

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