Intra Haryana Portal 2021

IntraHaryana, a special portal that is introduced by Haryana Government. This portal is used for various purposes and is very useful for the government employees of Haryana. So, in this article, we will let you know about the Intra Haryana portal which is created by NIC, Haryana Unit.

What is IntraHaryana?

Portal NameIntraHaryana
Website TypeOfficial Website
Launched ByGovernment of Haryana
App NameHaryana Sahayak
Made ForGovernment Employees of Haryana
Designed/Developed ByNIC, Haryana Unit

IntraHaryana is an online portal created by the government of Haryana which can be used for various purposes. The government employees of Haryana can use this website to get all the benefits online like e-Salary Slip, Service Book, Annual Property Return, GPF Account Services, Pension Calculator, Bio-Data, Online Leaves, and Tour Module.

Services Available on IntraHaryana Portal

  1. e-Salary
  2. Service Book
  3. GPF Account Services
  4. Annual Property Return
  5. Online Leaves and Tour Module
  6. Annual Confidential Report

Let’s learn about every service in detail.

1. e-Salary – With the help of e-Salary, the government can give all the information related to Salary to their employees. Such as – Salary Details, Bank Account Details, Statements of the Annual Income of the Employee, Salary Slip, and other Payment Details.

  • 2. Service Book – For any employee, a Service book is very important, because a service book contains all the records of an employee during his job like – Promotion, inquiry, etc.

3. GPF Account Services – GPF stands for “General Provident Fund”. The government of Haryana keeps the records of all the employees so that whenever it is needed, can be retrieved and used easily. Like, to give information to the people, Present Intra Haryana GPF Statement, Previous GPF Statement, Missing GPF Credit, Loan Recovery Statement, Missing GPF Schedule, etc.

4. Annual Property Return – Under this, there is a provision for annual property return to the Employee of the State Government. You can log in to your account and see Intra Haryana Property Return 2021.

5. Online Leaves and Tour Module – Through the medium of Portal, the employees can apply for Leaves and Tour to their Top Officer. If any employee wants to apply for leave then he can do so by using the online official portal. You can also check the status of your leave, whether, it is accepted or rejected.

6. Annual Confidential Report -This report is a permanent register at the district level, and is usually given by the head of the department in the month of April. Based on this, updates are released every year.

Some Important Links for IntraHaryana

Official WebsiteLink
Manual New Registration GuideLink (PDF)
e-Salary Hry LoginLink
Forget PasswordLink
Property Return of HCS OfficersLink
Complain at Help DeskLink
Intra Haryana DonationLink
Mobile App (Haryana Sahayak)Link
Guidelines Fill Up Property ReturnLink (PDF)
Fill Up Online Family DetailsLink (PDF)
Guidelines Leaves and TourLink (PDF)
Guidelines Fill Up ACRLink (PDF)

Attention Notice of Intra Haryana 2021

  1. Before you login into the IntraHaryana portal, first, you have to register on that specific online portal.
  2. The ID which was created on the old website will not work on New Intra Haryana online portal.
  3. If the Employee is having some problem with Payee Code/Unique Code, Bank Account No, Mobile Number then you can solve the problem by asking the “DDO”.
  4. After login, first, Employees have to register to update their “Family ID”.

How to Register on IntraHaryana Portal?

Now, we will see How to Register on the IntraHaryana portal.

The very first thing which you have to do is to visit the official website of IntraHaryana. Now you have to click on the “New Registration” link, present on the right-hand side.

intra haryana Register

After you click on the New Registration, you will be redirected to a new webpage. Then first you have to select the Employee Type, then either you have to enter the PayeeCode/UniqueCode or the Salary bank Account Number. You have to enter one of these two.

Then you will see two options, which are “Show Mobile No. from E-Salary” and “Show Mobile No. from HRMS”. If you want to update OTP in e-Salary, then select the first option. And if you want the update in HRMS to come in the Mobile Number OTP, then select the second option. After selecting your desired option, click on the “Submit”. Then you will receive an OTP on the Mobile Number which you have selected, and if you don’t receive the OTP then you can click on the “Regenerate OTP” button.

Now Enter the OTP and then click on “Submit”. After submitting the OTP, you will receive a notification of “OTP verified successfully”. Now, you will be asked to enter a new password which you can use to login into your account. After entering the password, click on “Submit”.

Then you will see a notification on your screen in which you will see “User Registered Successfully”. Then click on “OK”.

You have successfully Registered on IntraHaryana.

How to Login on IntraHaryana Portal?

To log in to IntraHaryana Portal, first, visit the official website of the IntraHaryana portal. You will get the login window on the Homepage of the website.

intra haryana login

To, login to your account, Enter your Payee Code or Mobile No., then enter your Password, and at last enter the Captcha code for verification.

After filling in all the required details, now click on “Login”. And if you have forgotten your password, then you can click on the Forgot Password button, to reset your password.

How to Download Salary Slip from IntraHaryana?

To download Salary Slip from IntraHaryana, first, you have to visit the official website of IntraHaryana. Then use your Login ID and Password to login into your account. After you log in to your account, then you will see the “e-Salary Services” option in your dashboard. You have to click on the e-Salary Services. Now, you will see two options on your screen, (a) Salary Slip and (b) Annual Salary Statement (If you want to see by month then select the first option and if you want to see the yearly option then choose the second option).

If you have selected the Salary Slip option, then you will have to select year and month too. After selecting year and month, click on “Show”. After you click on the show, you will see a salary slip on your screen. You can also download the Salary Slip.

How to Fill Up the Online Leaves and Tour Module?

First, you have to visit the official website, then you have to log in to your account by entering your credentials. Then you will see an option of “Online Leaves and Tour Module”, you have to click on that option. Then click on My Leave>>Apply for Leave.

Then you will have to fill the form, by entering the details like – Type of Leave, Ground on which Leave Applicable, Date From, Holiday Prefixed, and more. You will have to fill in all the mandatory details and after that click on “Save”.

Now, your request will be sent to the related officer. You can also check the “Status” of your leave.

How to Fill Annual Property Return Online?

First, you have to visit the official website and then log in to your account. You have to click on the Annual Property Return. Now, fill the Year and Designation during the final year. Then click on Start.

Then you will have to fill in the details related to the Property. Like – Fill Property Details, Property Location, Property Construction Details, and Property other Details. Then fill in Moveable Property and Loan Details. Now, you have to upload your Signature. And then click on Submit. Then you will receive an OTP on your registered Mobile Number, so, enter your OTP and then click on Submit.

So, this is how you can fill Annual Property Return Online.

How to Update Family Details on IntraHaryana?

First, visit the official website and then log in to your account. Then click on Update Family ID. Now, if you want to add a new Family Member, then click on Add New Family. Now, you have to fill in the details of your new family member. After entering all the details, click on Add.

How to view Immovable Property Return of HCS Officers?

If you want to see the Property Return of HCS Officers of Haryana, then, first you have to visit this link, then select the Financial Year and Employee Name. After selecting, click on the Search button. After that, you will be able to see the Name of the Employee, Father Name, and Joining Date. Now, click on the Download link below IPAR File.

How to Download Mobile App (Haryana Sahayak)?

If you want to download the official app (Haryana Sahayak) of Intra Haryana then you only have to click on this link.

FAQs Related to Intra Haryana

  1. What is Intra Haryana Portal?
    Intra Haryana is an online portal started by the Haryana government. This portal is created only for the government employees of Haryana, the employees can use this portal and can take benefit from it.
  2. How do we know if we are discharged?
    If you have applied for leave on the Intra Haryana portal, then you can check the status of your leave by logging into your account, you can check there whether your request has been accepted or not.
  3. Is the Intra Haryana portal useful to all people?
    No, this portal is not useful for all people. This portal is specifically created only for the government employees of Haryana.
  4. What can Haryana employees do through the portal?
    The employees of Haryana can do very important tasks from this portal. For example – Task-related to E-Salary, GPF Account Services, Annual Property Return, Service Book, Online Leaves, and Tour Module.
  5. Can you Complain through the Portal?
    Yes, you can complain through this portal. You can go to the Complain Section of the Portal from the Homepage.
  6. How will the employee get Payee Code?
    The employee should contact the department concerned to collect the pay code.


We have tried our best to cover almost every topic related to Intra Haryana and we hope you find this article informational and if you did then please share this article with your friends to deliver this useful information.

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